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318th Dragons Night Launch


In 1960 the 318th FIS operated at Paine Field, Everett WA as part of the USAFs Air Defense Command. The alert hangers were designed for a rapid response. With Doors that  opened on both ends,  the Convair F-102 Delta Daggers could start engines and fast taxi on the angled taxi way onto the runway and get airborne quickly. Viewed here from a cupola centered between the four hanger bays, these four 318th "Dragons" are launching on a late evening training flight into an ominous sunset.


 Original painting available. Acrylic on Gesso board 20"x30."


Signed open edition prints are available for $100.00 plus $10.00 shipping.


Image size 16"x20" on 18"x22" paper .

318th Dragons Night Launch

  • All orders are handled and fulfilled by the artist including packaging and shipping. A shipping fee of $10.00 is charged for prints mailed in the United States. Prints are sent in protective packaging including acid free paper.

    Lastly, all customers are contacted and notified with an arrival date and an air bill for tracking purposes.

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