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When I was briefly stationed at Little Rock AFB in the mid 70s, I remember being disappointed that the only obvious evidence of the B-58's operational history there, was a stripped out hulk, out in the weeds, waiting to be burned by the base fire dept. I never saw a Hustler fly, but I can imagine the awesome spectacle of all those afterburners and beautifully shaped aluminum during a MITO exercise (Minimum Interval Take Off, one every 14 seconds).


*This painting is available for purchase by contacting the artist by the phone number listed on this site. Reference "B-58 Hustler MITO." Painting size in inches: 18 x 32 and is acrylic on gessoboard. Prints are available through his website by clicking the "add to cart" navigation button. Print size in inches: image size 11 x 20 on 13 x 22 paper.

B-58 Hustler MITO