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In 1946, the 86th FBW/FIW was given the mission of protecting allied air space and patrolling the airlift corridor to Berlin in Russian-occupied East Germany. These F-47Ds of the 527th FS are showing a presence to the Russian Air Force by giving a United States Air Force MATS C-54 an escort to Templehof Airport.


Awarded third place in military category by Aviation Week Magazine at the 2012 American Society of Aviation Artists exhibition.


*This original work is available for purchase. Painting size in inches: 20 x 24. Contact Steve Cox by the phone number listed on this website for more information. Please reference "Escort to Berlin."


Signed prints may be ordered through this website by clicking on the "add to cart" button. Print size in inches: 16 x 19 on 18 x 24 paper.

Escort to Berlin

  • All orders are handled and fulfilled by the artist including packaging and shipping. A shipping fee of $10.00 is charged for prints mailed in the United States. Prints are sent in protective packaging including acid free paper.

    Lastly, all customers are contacted and notified with an arrival date and an air bill for tracking purposes.

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