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The 1969 film, "The Battle of Britain" was a huge production undertaking, as digital effects were still in their infancy. Former RAF Group Capt. Thomas Gilbert "Hamish" Mahaddie was tasked with building an air force of British and German aircraft for the flying scenes. At the time, the Spanish Air Force still operated a fleet of Spanish built Merlin powered versions of the Heinkel He 111 bombers, and Messerschmitt Me 109 fighters of which Mahaddie purchased many flyable aircraft. The British aircraft were a bigger challenge as there were few flyable Spitfires at the time and only one flyable Hurricane. This was before the warbird movement had come into its own, and many of the aircraft used in the film would go on to become very valuable restorations and would save an important part of WWII history. The North American B-25 Mitchel camera plane was painted in a garish scheme to help with visual orientation, thus being dubbed the "Psychedelic Monster." The former gun positions were equipped with cameras, in the tail, sides and nose. An observation blister replaced the top gun turret for the aerial director. The film had its share of critics but still ranks as one of the best flying films ever. 


The original painting is available for purchase. Painting size in inches: 24" x 30" acrylic on canvas. Contact the artist and reference: "Mahaddie's Flying Circus.”


Signed prints available on this site by clicking on the "add to cart" option. Print size in inches: 16 x 20 on 18 x 22 paper.

Mahaddie's Flying Circus

  • All orders are handled and fulfilled by the artist including packaging and shipping. A shipping fee of $10.00 is charged for prints mailed in the United States. Prints are sent in protective packaging including acid free paper.

    Lastly, all customers are contacted and notified with an arrival date and an air bill for tracking purposes.

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