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I did this painting as a salute to the two most important British fighter types used in the Battle of Britain. Although they both used the same Rolls Royce Merlin power plant, the designs were vastly different. The Spitfire was optimized for high speed and maneuverability with its graceful, elliptical shaped wing and attention to streamlining, but was a complex and expensive design with a slow initial production rate. The Hurricane was designed for efficient production, lower cost and ease of maintenance. It sacrificed some top end speed but packed a bigger punch while being able to absorb an astonishing amount of battle damage. I've shown two aircraft that operated from airfields close to London during the most intense fighting of the "Blitzkrieg," the German bombing campaign against the civilian Population of London. The lead aircraft is a Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1a operating from Royal Air Force Hornchurch, Essex England. The following aircraft is a Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 , flying out of Royal Air Force Duxford, Cambridgeshire England.  


The original painting is available for purchase. Painting size in inches: 18" x 24" acrylic on gessoboard. Contact the artist and reference: "The Few.”


Signed prints available on this site by clicking on the "add to cart" option. Print size in inches: 16 x 20 on 18 x 22 paper.

The Few

  • All orders are handled and fulfilled by the artist including packaging and shipping. A shipping fee of $10.00 is charged for prints mailed in the United States. Prints are sent in protective packaging including acid free paper.

    Lastly, all customers are contacted and notified with an arrival date and an air bill for tracking purposes.

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