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Time Flies


In 1936, Frank hawks, known for his record setting flights sponsored by Texaco and Pete Miller, chief designer of the GeeBee R-1, R-2 and QED, teamed up to form the New England Aircraft Co. Their goal was to create a record setting cross country racer based largely on Millers design experience with the Granville brothers.


Designed around the new 1150 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830, the racer, designated HM-1 featured a retractable version of the QED landing gear and a novel retractable windscreen / canopy with a pilot seat that could be raised or lowered.


The painting depicts an early test flight from Rentschler Field in Hartford Connecticut. The Gruen Watch Co. was the sponsor of the project, thus the name "Time Flies". For their investment they were rewarded with a record setting flight from Hartford to Miami ( 4hr 55min ) and a return flight to Newark NJ ( 4hr 20min ) on April 13 1937. Unfortunately, the wing spars were damaged upon landing at Newark, and Hawks and Gruen were finished with the project at that point.


This painting is featured in the May 2024 issue of Air Classics Magazine


Original painting available. Painting size acrylic on gessoboard 16" x 20." 


Signed open edition giclee prints are available for $110.00 plus $10.00 shipping


Image size 16" x 20" on 18" x 22" paper.


Time Flies

  • All orders are handled and fulfilled by the artist including packaging and shipping. A shipping fee of $10.00 is charged for prints mailed in the United States. Prints are sent in protective packaging including acid free paper.

    Lastly, all customers are contacted and notified with an arrival date and an air bill for tracking purposes.

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